Comment + photo gallery: Morgan Three Wheeler

Posted by cdnlive March 3rd, 2011

The little Morgan Three Wheeler was causing an unexpected stir in the corner of hall six, attracting a constant stream of intrigued and bewildered admirers amongst the designers we spoke to.

The rebirth of the iconic bathtub-style Morgan is a stark and somewhat refreshing vision amidst a sea of ever-more complex surfaces and increasing wheel size. Its dimensions are hard to gauge through photographs, but sitting atop skinny wire wheels and with the V-Twin engine way out front for the world to see, it certainly won’t be mistaken for anything else at the show.

Beneath the pastiche retro exterior nestles a modern engine and gearbox, as well as a sumptuous leather-lined interior, sporting a central aircraft-style dial binnacle. With the exterior adorned in a matte green paint and complete with WWII graphics, you feel compelled to don a sheep-skinned leather jacket just to look at the car. However this convincing fusion of old and new, the simple beauty and eccentric demeanour of the Three Wheeler places it firmly as one of my favourite cars of the show.

John O’Brien

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  1. Best in show…no doubts……oh, if only big manufacturer would do something like this.

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