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Video: Marco Tencone takes us on a tour of the 4C concept

Posted by cdnlive March 3rd, 2011

Created in Alfa Romeo’s design studios in Turin, Italy, the 4C concept is a technical and emotional showpiece for a new compact sports car from the Italian brand. Developed in a scant three months, the show car was built around a carbon fiber tub. CDN speaks to Marco Tencone, Alfa Romeo and Lancia Design Director, about the new design.

Eric Gallina



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Comment + photo gallery: Alfa 4C

Posted by cdnlive March 1st, 2011

This is an important concept for Alfa. Designed in Centro Stile (one that – for the first time in memory – isn’t based in Milan), its name forces an obvious link with the bigger 8C and elements of its design relate to the larger car. And ultimately, anytime Alfa Romeo announces a new sports car, the motoring establishment immediately digs into its deep bag of “emotive” verbs to describe it.

This time, the proportions and detailing however, were more Lotus than classic Alfa Romeo. The slightly overwrought pinches on the bonnet represent a stark contrast to the bold round forms of its big sister 8C, and the deeply dipped window line looked like it was lifted straight off the Evora, leading many to question the origins of the chassis. The rear haunch, and the shape of the rear window also speak of the soon to be defunct Lotus. The rear deck, meanwhile has strong hits of Ferrari.

To Alfa Romeo’s credit, they chose to show the car in a bold “sparkling rose” velvet matte finish paint that beautifully showed off some of the well-resolved surfaces and a sensuous overall form language that aspects of the car’s design does exhibit.

Andrew Meehan and Joe Simpson

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