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Bertone Design Director Michael Robinson takes us on a visual tour of the B99 concept interior

Posted by cdnlive March 8th, 2011

Eric Gallina

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Detail: Bertone B99

Posted by cdnlive March 2nd, 2011

Adding to Andrew’s thoughts on the Bertone, it’s perhaps truthful to say that this is a well designed concept and indeed most designers we have spoken to have expressed a positive opinion about it. From my perspective however, it’s slightly strange to see Bertone doing this, when in many regards it echos a direction that Jaguar themselves were going in, some six or so years ago. And there-in lies the problem, the car feels to me like a concept that’s somewhat outdated, a sense that’s contributed to by the graphical execution.

There are however, some really nice details: ┬áthe dial needles (above), and the frankly stunning, jewellery-like treatment used around the grille (below). These are highly reminiscent of something we’ve seen before – the work of a female Jewellery designer from the RCA, who graduated in 2007 and whose work went on to be exhibited in the Victoria and Albert museum, and are applied in a stunning, if very subtle way…

Joe Simpson

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