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Geneva 2012: comment – Kia C’eed

Posted by cdnlive March 7th, 2012

There are a few lovely details on the new Kia C’eed, which help to cement the car as a major player in the C-segment. The extruded chrome surrounds to the front fog lamps, the little horizontal bevel in the C-pillar as it joins the roof and the Citroen DS5/BMW e60 5-Series-like lamps are all great quality and endow a premium feel.

Yet overall, this new C’eed goes down as a slight disappointment given Kia’s recent high standards. Yes, from a surface and detailing perspective it now competes with the best in class. But overall and in terms of its position, it’s not a great step forward. If we look at what the leading – and more premium – players in this segment are doing, this car’s too cab-forward.

The front quarter-light endows it too much mono-volume and MPV-like quality, which the last generation of C-cars such as the Peugeot 308 went towards, but most are now trying to pull (their A-pillar) back from. And the overall form, particularly around the rear three-quarters is reminiscent of the Fiat Bravo – which we’re sure is not what Kia were aiming for. The interior feels like much less of a step forward than one might expect too. Of course, in the context of a car that’s like to undercut the European mainstream by a couple of thousand euros, it’s still very impressive, and let’s not be too critical – this car at least matches the Opel Astra, for instance, which must be a concern for Russelsheim.

But Peter Schreyer’s design leadership can clearly only take the brand only so far and ultimately this new C’eed is slightly hobbled by its package, which to us looks a generation behind the leaders of the class.

By Joe Simpson

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Geneva 2012: Trends – hitting the premium hatch sweetspot

Posted by cdnlive March 6th, 2012

Back in the mid-noughties, what are now the previous generations of the Audi A3, BMW 1-Series and Mercedes A-Class (in 5 door format) were starkly different. Of course, the Audi and BMW had a degree of similarity, but the 1-Series was more compact than many would have liked in the rear and the trunk. Volvo’s C30 felt like a car from half a segment below and was hurt by its 3-door only format and tiny trunk.

Consequently, the Audi A3 Sportback (5dr) did extremely well in the market – and with a new generation of these products being present at the show, it’s notable how – give or take a few millimeters – BMW, Mercedes and now Volvo have all decided that where the Audi A3 Sportback was positioned, is a very good place for their new generation products to sit.

Essentially, that means a C-segment 5-door hatch, adopting a slightly ‘wagon’-esque rear end and/or roofline. We should probably add the Lexus CT200h to the list of cars in this space too, although in many aspects of design it lags behind.

Of course, Audi are only showing the 3-door A3 here, so we’ll have to wait to find out whether it plans to repositioning the next A3 Sportback. But we wouldn’t bet on that happening. For customers in the market, there are now several very competent and apparently very similar in format cars to choose from.

That’s probably good for sales, but from a design point of view, there’s arguably less variety of format choice now than there was before. The biggest surprise though is how close the V40 feels in terms of quality and premium-ness, to both the A-Class and 1-Series. It’s far from perfect, but it’s easy to see how this car could be a hit for Volvo in the market. It hits the market sweetspot – a quality that many recent Volvos have been missing.

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