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Geneva 2012: Infiniti Emerg-E – comment

Posted by cdnlive March 6th, 2012

There is something of a mixed response to the Infiniti Emerg-E here in Geneva. Several people we’ve spoken to think it’s relatively derivative, with a mixture of things that have been seen before. That might be fair comment – conceptually it’s hardly ground-breaking.

Yet it does happily continue the design language Infiniti has been developing over its past few concept cars. You can clearly see the lineage between this and the Etherea of 2011 and the Essence of 2009.

While the Essence was more striking, original and elegant, this successfully integrates what we’re coming to understand as Infiniti design signatures (concave/convex bodyside into stepped shoulder, crescent-shaped C-pillar/DLO intersection, and the egg-timer grille) into a true, mid-engine sports car concept.

It’s not perfect; some of it feels too busy, the rear feels like its weakest angle and there are some oddly pinched and disappearing surfaces around the shut lines.

Yet it mostly feels and looks premium and is a valuable halo car for Infiniti. That’s important for a brand with great aspirations and which is still establishing itself in Europe.

By Joe Simpson

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