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Photo gallery: Tata Pixel

Posted by cdnlive March 1st, 2011

John O’Brien

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Surprise of the day: Tata Pixel

Posted by cdnlive March 1st, 2011

This was a really nice surprise, a well resolved piece of design, and – in many ways – could yet turn out to be one of the real stars of the show. The Tata Pixel is the first true concept car from the company, and was designed by a small, young team, based in the UK.

The car has a real sense of simple, elegant design quality about it, with hints of the Kia Pop and Pininfarina Nido in its form and size. However, its design has its own character and the bigger, more obvious reference here is to the company’s own Nano. It’s ultimately suggestive of an evolution in design beyond that ground breaking car, and feels like a statement of intent to place design at the heart of the company’s vehicles going forward.

It’s also interesting to see Tata playing on the idea of the digitisation of the car, in both the name and the treatment of the lower apertures. We’ll come back to this car to explore it in more detail tomorrow, and hopefully to get a better idea of the background story behind its design.

Joe Simpson

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