Video: Tokuo Fukuichi, Toyota’s Design Chief, on the Fun-Vii concept

Posted by cdnlive November 30th, 2011

A younger generation disenfranchised with the automobile is a very real and troubling issue with the automobile industry in Japan. Marketers, designers and engineers are trying hard to cater to this demographic, looking for anything that will resonate with generation Y and Z.

As we walked through the halls of the Tokyo show floor today, we caught up with Tokuo Fukuichi, Toyota’s new Chief of Design, who has been head of design at the Japanese company since January this year. Like many others in the industry, he is seeking new ways to inject desirability in his products to cater to this generation, and he spoke to us candidly and openly about this issue and others – you can catch a brief snippet of this interaction in the video here.

We’ll be publishing a full interview with the designer on Car Design News in the near future.

Eric Gallina

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